Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finli?

Finli is a contribution aggregation and bill payment platform that allows family and friends to directly contribute to billable activities.

How does it work?


Just download the Finli app, create your child's profile, and add your bills.


Invite family, friends, and guest list to your child's upcoming birthday celebration.


Finli will aggregate the contributions and pay the merchants directly - letting your loved ones rest assured they're making a meaningful impact.

Is Finli safe?

Absolutely. Funds held at Finli are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

How much does it cost?

Finli is absolutely free for users (bill creators) and contributors with no restriction on how frequent you give or how much you receive.


Do I have to open a checking account on Finli?

Nope. You simply link an existing checking account onto Finli during enrollment.

Do I have access to the monetary contribution?

No. You will not be in possession at any given point of the monetary contributions from your circle. This reflects the value of Finli. Contributors can be certain that 100% of their contribution actually goes toward a child related expense.

Does the bill have to be child related?

Yes. Some examples of child related bills acceptable on Finli are daycare, private school, orthodontist for braces, sports league, enrichment programs (swim lessons, art, dance, kungfu, music, etc.), etc..

Why am I being asked to provide documentation?

Once you create the bill on Finli, you will be prompted to email (attach or forward) the digital invoice or bill to Finli team will review each bill to ensure the nature and purpose are aligned with our requirements. We may email you to request additional supporting information in our review process. Our review are centered around two items: 1) dollar amount match and 2) merchant is an actual operational establishment.

What happens when contributions exceed the bill amount?

Given that under each bill will reflect a contribution progress bar, the chances of a contributor knowingly contribute more than needed for a particular bill is unlikely. In the event that it does happen, we will apply the excess to the same bill for the following month. If the bill is not recurring, then we will apply the excess to the balance of a different bill for the child. All parties will be notified as we aim to be fully transparent.

Why did the bill amount change?

During the bill review process, Finli will amend the user inputted bill amount to reflect the actual amount on the bill so your status bar will be accurate for circle to contribute to.


Does all of my contributions go towards helping the child?

Yes. We will not take a percentage or a fee from your contribution. If you contribute $100, $100 will apply to that bill.

Can I enable auto-contribution on a recurring basis?

Yes. As a contributor, you have the option to contribute to one or multiple bills on a recurring monthly basis. Reminder email notification will serve as a reminder prior to Finli debiting your linked account for each month’s contributions. You have the flexibility to make changes directly on the Finli app and/or email us directly at

Can I contribute if my bank account is located outside of the United States?

Not today. Finli will continue to expand our platform to recreate that frictionless and borderless experiences, connecting families and friends everywhere. Our aim to allow global contributions and payment is on the top of our priority list.

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