Kids are expensive

Raising children takes a village. With Finli, your friends and family can contribute directly to your child-related expenses.


How Finli Works


Fewer toys, more real support

With the cost of everything from daycare to youth sports on the rise, every dollar counts.

Finli encourages friends and family to skip the toys and contribute directly to the expenses that matter most.

It couldn’t be easier to get started — here’s how it works:


1. Add your bills

Just download the Finli app, create your child’s profile, and add your bills.


2. Invite your friends and family

Invite your friends and family to contribute directly to specific expenses.

“Thanks for the piano lessons grandma!”


3. Receive the support you need

Finli will aggregate the contributions and pay the merchants directly — letting your loved ones rest assured they’re making a meaningful impact.


Download Finli and get started


Fans of Finli


Our kids are world travelers and we value experiences versus things. When we are not traveling, the kids attend private school and the following classes on the side: art, ballet, wushu, t-ball, soccer, swimming. Frankly speaking, we don't have space for anymore toys. Finli has been a wonderful tool for us to share our experiences with family and friends and also give them an opportunity to directly influence the kids' lives.

Matt and Nan Newman
Monrovia, CA

Lately I find myself asking if the child has a Finli account to pretty much every birthday party and special event I RSVP to. Why would I continue to buy toys that will eventually end up re-gifted, donated or tossed away when I can actually make every dollar count? Finli is what I have been waiting for.

Naomi Sanghavee
Pasadena, CA

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Finli FAQ

You’ve probably got some questions.

Is Finli Safe?

Absolutely. Funds held at Finli are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

Does the bill need to be child related?

Yes. Some examples of child related bills acceptable on Finli are daycare, private school, orthodontist for braces, sports league, enrichment programs (swim lessons, art, dance, kungfu, music, etc.), etc..  

Do all of my contributions go towards helping the child?

Yes. Finli will not take a percentage or a fee from your contribution. If you contribute $100, $100 will apply to that activity.

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